Day-of Coordination

Final Details & Day-of Coordination

Starting at $2,000

  • One 2-hour session in-person or over the phone with The Harper Venue Coordinator 4-6 weeks before your wedding (you will fill us in on all of your wedding details and fill out a lengthy questionnaire so we can successfully coordinate).
  • Additional phone calls/emails are acceptable to complete all details.
  • Re-confirm your list of vendors 3 weeks prior to the wedding on your behalf
  • Re-confirm all wedding rentals and necessities to make sure all items are ordered and in place for the wedding day.
  • Create a vendor day-of timeline to keep your vendors and wedding day running smoothly.
  • Create a full day-of timeline from the hair and makeup schedule event conclusion.
  • Create a wedding processional and recessional outline for a seamless ceremony.
  • Lead venue coordinator and at least 1 assistant coordinator available the day of your wedding for 6-10 hours (usually begins 4 hours prior to the ceremony and ends when all formalities and special dances have taken place - additional hours can be added, including teardown assistance).
  • Accept on-site deliveries and work as venue coordinator.
  • Assist with set-up and decor as needed. Please note that we cannot do overheard decorating, including installing drapery, lighting, or decorating the square hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the venue. Any item(s) that require tools to put them together must be assembled ahead of time unless otherwise discussed and approved by your planner. 
  • Assist the bridal party with their needs.
  • Deal with all logistics.
  • Problem solve on behalf of the couple.
  • Coordinate the flow of the day making sure everything is on time and on schedule. 
  • Distribute final vendor checks and tips as needed.
  • Includes boxing all personal items and have them ready to go at the conclusion of the event. 
  • Includes plasticware beverage cleanup. Throughout the evening, our staff will remove empty plastic cups, beer cans, bottles, and other disposables.
  • Allow you to have a stress-free and memorable wedding day!

includses teardown and basic plasticware cleanup service

We Can Help You...




Create Your Wedding
Day Timeline

This will be the blueprint for your wedding day. It’ll include the getting ready timeline, vendor arrival times, ceremony details, reception order (including dinner service timing, speeches, dancing, and other formalities).

Coordinate With

We will be the point person to ensure your vendors arrive on time and answer any questions they have about the setup, ceremony, or reception. We will also share the wedding day timeline with them prior to your wedding day. 

Set-Up Decor

We will ensure everything looks exactly the way you want it. From your guest tables, gift and card table, and more. This will allow you to focus on being pampered on the morning of your wedding!