Greetings From
The Harper!

Before I go into detail about all the wonderful things The Harper offers, I wanted to share a little about myself.

Weddings truly are my passion!

After working in the wedding industry for 10 years, it was always my dream to create a venue that would make a couple's hearts beat out of their chests. A place where they can make lasting memories with their families and friends but is versatile enough to accommodate each couples vision and style.

So, in 2020, my husband Chris and I embarked on a grand journey together - opening our very own wedding venue in Northwestern, PA! We had  family property that was surrounded by natural beauty, and we wanted to design a venue where the two could co-exist beautifully together.

And so The Harper was born - a second time!
Our daughter, Harper, was the inspiration behind this venue. She embodies beauty, boldness, and uniqueness, much like the venue itself.

We believe your "day" should be unique, edgy, yet stylishly elegant. A place where you can immerse yourself in a one-day event or a whole weekend experience!

The Harper is an extension of our family, and we dedicate this property to those desiring a marriage based on the foundation of love and events where family is rooted. We're about intimacy in the presence of loved ones - and that energy you can't put into words!

We hope your love this venue as much as we do and look forward to meeting you soon!

with love,
Natasha Learn,

Natasha Learn

Owner, Principal Planner & Creative Director

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